• Located in the heart of the Americas, with access to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
  • More than 20 daily direct flights to the US and more than 25 daily worldwide cargo flights.
  • 2-3 days delivery time by major express services to the United States.

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About Us

Price Of TantalumMagma Coltan is a Costa Rican firm seeking to support technological development and evolution, providing coltan (tantalum) produced sustainably in Latin America in adherence to law, protecting the environment and guaranteeing the highest quality standards in both product and production process.

We provide coltan that is legally produced in Latin America, carefully selected and enriched with a special mineral. Our customers receive a better quality ore with the peace of mind and confidence that the alloy is uncontaminated by the problems of tantalum mining in the Congo – child labor and the financing of criminal activities – that tarnish the future benefit of devices using technologies taking advantage of tantalum's qualities.

Magma Coltan is a certified member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Costa Rica and offers Coltan with all legal documents, ensuring clean origin and safe mining processes for our customer’s peace of mind. We offer ore concentrate from 25% to 45% Ta2O5, Niobium (Nb2O5) content ranging from 5% to 22%, and safe shipping and handling radioactive levels.

Magma Coltan is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce. Our product's quality and composition is certified by Costa Rica University's Geology and Chemistry Departments. The alloy process patent is under process in Europe, USA and Central America.

Our Offices

Tantalum MiningOur offices are located in the Plaza Roble Business Center in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica – a modern center where such multinationals as Citibank, Microsoft, Cisco and others have their offices. Our office is equipped with cutting-edge systems and facilities to handle our customer’s needs during their visits to our country.

The strategic Escazu location is just across the street from the country’s most modern shopping mall and next to the Intercontinental Hotel, with several other hotel chains only 5 minutes away, along with a wide variety of restaurants for all tastes.

Costa Rica MapCosta Rican Country Profile

Costa Rica is noted for its stability. It has no standing army, and its citizens enjoy one of the highest life expectancies in the Western hemisphere and better living standards than most other Central Americans.

Costa Rica has positioned itself as a key destination for the operations of multinationals in a variety of industries such as advanced manufacturing, medical devices and services. Over 200 global companies have chosen to establish facilities in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica ranks fourth worldwide in high-tech exports (World Development Indicators 2008, World Bank) and is one of the most competitive destinations in Latin America for service operations (A.T. Kearney, Destination Latin America: A Near-Shore Alternative 2009)