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The Plight Of African Coltan Miners: Why We Don't Have To Accept Inhumane Treatment


Coltan has firmly established itself as one of the most important resources in the world for a myriad of reasons. The industrialized form of tantalum, coltan has gained a foothold in modern-day global commerce, showing up in a diverse and comprehensive range of products. As a natural conductor of heat and extremely resistant to corrosion and rot, global enterprises everywhere have clamored to use this miracle component in modern electronics, including cell phones, home computer systems, DVD players and a vast assortment of other modern conveniences that many of us simply can't imagine living without.

Unethical Treatment Of Coltan Miners Throughout The African Congo

As the demand for tantalum mining increased on a global scale, it quickly became apparent that the African Congo had a rich abundance of this highly sought-after resource. Eager to capitalize on their perspective market share, many companies began conducting business throughout the region with little to no insight on the actual treatment of the coltan miners themselves. The result? Many African coltan miners suffered unethical, inhumane treatment at the hands of mine owners who simply wanted to churn out as much profit as possible with little to no regard for their employees.

While the plight of African miners may have come to light more slowly than human rights organizations would have hoped for, it's important to note that there has been an effective and eye-opening movement that has educated the world on the harsh treatment these workers have had to endure in order to ensure that our reliance on modern technology remains intact. As a result, there have been numerous boycotts protesting inhumane work conditions for coltan miners, both in the Congo region and throughout the continent of Africa as a whole, with the intent of reforming employee treatment as well as consistently educating the world.

South American Tantalum Mines: A Humane Alternative To The Congo

Beyond global education, the outpouring of support for miners in Africa has also motivated entrepreneurs to source alternative solutions to their tantalum needs. South America quickly emerged as a viable option for businesses looking for top quality tantalum mined ethically and compassionately. The reasons for South America's surge in humanely harvested tantalum are extensive. Many premium South American mines transport their harvested product directly to Costa Rica, one of the continent's more prominent and well-established business regions. Once received in Costa Rica, the already superior material undergoes a comprehensive quality assurance process to remove any imperfections and impurities, ensuring that business owners receive the very best product possible.

Additionally, Costa Rican businesses set up to receive the ethically cultivated resource have been able to successfully further the industrialization process. Some elite organizations have determined that adding volcanic sand to the refined material actually delivers a higher-performing, superior final product that other mining regions simply can't compete with. By offering an enhanced product solution coupled with human working conditions for its coltan miners, South American mines have successfully established themselves as an industry-leading region worthy of global engagement and support.