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Coltan Price

Tantalum price dropped during 2012 first quarter. Starting June, tantalite price experienced a significant increase impacting Tantalum price for the second half of 2012. Coltan prices are expected to remain stable during 2012 with modest rises entering 2013 as consumer electronics units sales are expected to grow. For more details on the market behaviors please refer to our article: "Will the price of tantalum remain stable?".

Coltan price is based on Tantalite (Ta2O5) content. Other component such as Niobium (Nb2O5) and radioactive levels are factors to consider when pricing the ore concentrate. In South America there is a wide variety of Coltan ore from content perspective: from less than 10% Ta2O5 content, with high percentage of Tin (Sn2O5) to 45% Ta2O5 and around 20% Niobium (Nb2O5). Radioactive levels are also found on a wide range, from safe levels to levels that require special handling conditions.

Country of Origin

Another key perspective to Coltan Pricing is the supporting documents for country of origin, export license, mining permits.

AMCHAMMagma Coltan is a certified member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Costa Rica and offers Coltan with all legal documents, ensuring clean origin and safe mining processes for our customer’s peace of mind. We offer ore concentrate from 25% to 45% Ta2O5, Niobium (Nb2O5) content ranging from 5% to 22%, and safe shipping and handling radioactive levels.

Considering the overall acquisition cost Magma Coltan location in Costa Rica allow our customers the options to ship from ports in both oceans: Atlantic and Pacific and also Air Cargo from Juan Santa María International Airport. We can quote CIF to any destination in the world or FOB to any location within Costa Rica. Please let us know your needs and preferences so we can present our options for your consideration by using the GET a QUOTE button on the left.