Coltan Companies Costa Rica
    Compliant with EICC GeSi requirements.
    All raw material sourcing from Green Zones.
    Free of conflict and human rights abuses.

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Evolving the right way

Evolving the Right WayEvolving the right way is our commitment:

Doing things right from the start in a sustainable way, developing long-term relationships and respecting the environment and local and international laws.

Our customers can trust the purity of our product with the duly certified composition and cleanliness of MAGMA COLTAN, since we guarantee the source of the alloy from Latin America and Africa following the EICC / OECD / ITSI requirements and guidances, where it is mined in adherence to all laws and human rights.

We develop long-term relationships, establishing and honoring the best service practices in the industry. Our customers have peace of mind in the knowledge they are working with a company of responsible and principled individuals.

The Better Sourcing Program (BSP)

BSP is an independent, private company that offers an integrated, cost effective and third party audited traceability and due diligence assurance program.

Our BSP traceability mechanism, demonstrates mineral sourcing from audit-validated, conflict-free mines in Ruanda and Zimbabwe and eventually other countries of the African Great Lakes Region.

BSP works with online, real-time traceability technology partner GeoTraceability. System implementation is directed, monitored and communicated upon by BSP, to ensure its compliance with the Conflict Free Smelter Program audit protocol (as well as ICGLR certification requirements).

Geo Traceability (GEOT) will provide tagging, label, certification and traceability. Is not at all limited to a small element called tag; it is a complex task that requires actions in advance such as mining sites' inspections, risk assessment reports, monitoring, due diligence, etc.

Our traceability as required by OECD and expected by Members of the Conflict Free Smelters Program, is a rigorous process and does not end at the selling of the product. It requires a partnership with the buyer and future audits, inspections and reports which we are under obligation to keep updating data and details which may be needed.